Monthly Archive: December 2018

passive solar

Passive Solar

Passive solar energy is using energy from the sun to heat, cool and provide light using the direct energy from the sun. Unlike using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, passive solar uses...

survival skills

Survival Skills- Mental Preparation

We all know we need to practice our survival skills and carry a survival kit when we go into the wilderness, right? When you set off into the wilderness you would at least carry...

how to start a fire

How To Start A Fire For Survival

Surviving in the wilderness can test your survival skills to the limit. Knowing how to start a fire under any conditions can mean the difference between life and death. Since it is winter in...

car emergency kit

Car Emergency Kit

Have you ever asked yourself if you need a car emergency kit? If you have ever asked yourself that question and decided it wasn’t worth the effort, you should reconsider. Everyone who owns a...

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