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compost for gardening

Compost for Gardening

How do you make compost for gardening? What is compost anyway? Let’s look at what compost is and how to go about creating compost for gardening. A compost pile is simply a method of...

disaster kit

Disaster Kit

What belongs in your disaster kit? That really is an individual decision based on your disaster plan as we outlined in a previous article. But there are a few tips of things you may...

disaster plan

Create a Disaster Plan

Why should you create a disaster plan? Disasters always happen somewhere else, right? Disasters can happen anywhere and anytime. Just think of all the hurricanes, fires, floods, etc. that happen all the time. Disasters...


Disaster Preparedness

Are you prepared should a disaster happen in your area today? How do you prepare for disaster? For disaster preparedness first you need to formulate a plan. With all of the natural disasters that...

organic garden

Why Grow An Organic Garden?

Why should you choose to grow an organic garden? The benefits to your health and the environment are numerous. In addition, you do away with the hazards of chemical treatments that can find their...

climate friendly garden 2

What Does Climate-Friendly Gardening Mean?

Climate-friendly gardening involves using natural gardening practices to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These practices also have an added benefit by encouraging healthier soil through improving the absorption of carbon dioxide – which also...

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